36 weeks pregnant

Now there are only 4 weeks left until we meet baby Twinkle it finally feels like I am reaching the homestretch. And if I'm honest, I'm a bit over being pregnant now and definitely on the countdown! 

Apparently baby is now around the size of a chihuahua or a cabbage patch doll! I have a growth scan tomorrow so that should give me a better idea of her weight but I would guess she is somewhere between 6 and 7lbs now.

We had another reduced movements scare again this morning, she was very quiet yesterday which was odd as I had quite a relaxed day at home, then this morning she wasn't moving at all (which again is very unusual). I called the assessment unit and headed to hospital for monitoring but fortunately as soon as they attached the monitor she became super lively! Obviously this was a huge relief but I just wished she had started wriggling a bit earlier to save us the stress and trip to hospital! Definitely better to be safe than sorry though and despite the fact that the ward was super busy, all the staff at the hospital were so nice and reassuring and made us feel like going in was totally the right thing to do. 

I am now feeling pretty uncomfortable all of the time, everywhere hurts and I have near constant heartburn. I am definitely looking forward to Twinkle arriving and not being pregnant anymore! I have put on over 3 stone and carrying so much extra weight is taking its toll and I'm just so slow and awkward. Everything is hard work, especially running around after Tinker and Totsy (which makes me think when I go on maternity leave next week I might be even more tired than when I'm working!) My feet are swollen all the time now (they have been described as 'inflatable feet' and 'marshmallow feet' by Mr T and the kids this week, thanks guys, haha!) and most of my shoes don't fit. 

I had been hoping that at my scan tomorrow Twinkle would have turned to be head down, but the midwife who checked me this morning couldn't be certain but thought she was lying transverse (sideways). I'm not quite sure what will happen if she isn't head down at the scan, if they will attempt to turn her or just wait and see for another week or two if she is going to turn by herself. I am seeing the consultant after the scan though so I'm sure they will have a plan. 

I think I have got most things we need ready now, I still haven't packed my hospital bag but have been thinking about it (and it's the thought that counts right?!) 

If you want to see what was happening with me last week then you can still catch up with my 35 weeks pregnant update. 

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