A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#26)

Last week was half term which has been nice even though we haven't been away or done anything particularly exciting. There has been lots to make me smile though as always.

  • Snow Play – on bank holiday Monday we went to the Snow Dome in Tamworth. It was a last minute decision as we had planned to go to Lichfield Bower (a local carnival) but with torrential rain forecast decided to do something indoors instead. It was a bit strange playing in the snow in May but the girls loved it! You can read more about our visit here.

  • On Wednesday we visited the National Memorial Arboretum. It is very nearby to us and although we have had it on our list of places to visit for absolutely ages we had never actually got round to going. However we made plans with Grandma and Grandad T to meet them there and it really is such a beautiful, special place that makes you feel very peaceful and humble. There is a lot of space for the girls to run around and great activities for them to do such as digging for treasure in the sandpit treasure hunt and pond dipping. We will definitely go back soon!

  • Bunk beds – I mentioned in last week's Week of Smiles post that the girls had moved into bunk beds. We bought the Ikea Kura bed (which isn't especially attractive and isn't even really a bunk bed) and then on Thursday Mr T spent all day modifying it (gotta love an Ikea hack, right?) I love that it's unique and he created it for our girls (with a fair bit of help from my dad who unknowingly arrived while Mr T was hard at work and ended up staying all afternoon to help!) and even though he had been hard at work on it without a break since 9am he kept going until it was all done and even stayed up until 3am to paint it so that it would be dry enough for Tinker to sleep in when she got back from her dad's, what a hero! Here is a sneak peek, but there are quite a few finishing touches still to do in their room, so I am planning to do a blog post about it once it's all finished off.

  • Gaviscon – this week my heartburn has been severe and almost constant, so guzzling gaviscon has really helped! Without it I'm pretty sure getting to sleep would be a lot more difficult, so I'm very glad of it!! 

  • Getting organised for baby Twinkle – I'm not quite there yet but have bought a few more bits and bobs, washed all the baby clothes and now feel that if she were to make an early appearance we'd be more or less ready. Not that I'm expecting an early arrival, the only time I've ever gone into labour by myself was first time around with Jess, the other 5 have all been induced and I'm fully prepared for that again, but being ready just in case won't hurt! 

Keep smiling xx

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