About us


Hi, I’m Nikki, a mum of seven from Staffordshire. I live with my partner Dave and five of my seven children (since two have flown the nest).


The kids (affectionately known as The Circus) are Jessica (26), Matthew & Nathan (identical twins, 24) and Amelia (aka Milly, 18) all from my first marriage, then there is Sienna (aka Tinker, aged 6) from my second marriage and finally Freya (aka Totsy, aged 3) and baby Luna (aged 1) who belong to me and Dave. I guess it is not exactly a conventional ‘Mum, Dad plus 2.4 kids’ kind of family, but it is our ‘normal’.

Dave and I are kept pretty busy with the kids but also find time to go to work, Dave is a Vice Principal in a high school and I’m a part time Data Officer in the same high school (he is actually my boss – which works really well for us, but I know would be some couples’ worst nightmare!) We sporadically take up running (only to abandon it after a few weeks), have a keen interest in home interiors (we secretly want to be property developers) and like most parents we are always wishing there was just a few more hours in the day.

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog all about our lives.