35 weeks pregnant 

Time is going so fast now, I can't believe it's only 5 weeks until we meet our little baby Twinkle! 

She should now be somewhere around 5 or 6lbs (2.25 – 2.7kg) and could measure up to about 48cm. Which apparently is about the size of a bunch of carrots or a child's backpack! She is busy piling on fat and maturing her lungs a bit more, but other than that she's more or less ready to be born. 

This week was quite worrying as on Friday I went into hospital with reduced movements. On Wednesday evening I realised I hadn't felt her move as much as usual through the day but thought it was because I'd had a busy day and hadn't really been paying attention. On Thursday she was moving but nowhere near as much as usual, her movements felt much slower and gentler and weren't as frequent as normal. Usually when I get up for a wee in the night she is kicking away but that night she wasn't and by Friday morning I still hadn't felt her move, which is so unlike her as I usually wake up to lots of crazy wriggling. When I got in the shower and still felt nothing from her I knew it was time to call the hospital. In fact I was cursing myself for not having gone in the day before and inwardly panicking (while trying to remain calm and not panic Mr T) that there was something really wrong. On the phone they took a few details and as expected said they needed me to go in to be checked over. When we arrived at the maternity assessment ward at 8am, much to my immense relief, I finally felt a tiny little kick. Thank goodness for that. I was put on a monitor though and although baby seemed fine the heart trace was not quite what they look for, so I was monitored for a bit longer. And then they checked again and wanted me to lie on my left side and be monitored for a bit longer. The midwives and student midwife were very reassuring and absolutely lovely and finally declared that everything was fine. After checking with the consultant whether or not to bring my growth scan forward (as my bump was measuring ahead) they decided to leave my next scan appointment for a week on Friday and I could go home. I was a bit worried still as she was now moving but again it was slower and gentler movements than was usual for my little wriggler and also I was a bit concerned that in order to get a decent trace I had needed to lie on my left side, as obviously I don't spend all my time lying on my left! But we were reassured that there was no immediate concern and told to just head straight back to hospital if we still had any concerns about her movements even later that day, or in the middle of the night. We were not made to feel like a nuisance in any way shape or form, all the staff were absolutely fantastic, I can't praise them enough.  It was a good 24 hours or so before Twinkle's movements fully returned to normal but thankfully she is now back to her acrobatic self! 

Other than that, this week has been fine, I've been feeling ok, my back has still been feeling pretty good most of the time, but I think this could be due to the fact that she is still breech (or she certainly was on Friday at the hospital) so her head is not pressing down on my pelvis or any nerves, although my hips are pretty achy and sore. I am feeling tired and heavy though and everything is such hard work (I couldn't even manage to put a pair of socks on the other day, Mr T had to come to the rescue and put them on for me!!) so I am definitely looking forward to getting my body back. I don't mean that I am desperate to reclaim it from Twinkle, I honestly love having her as a little passenger, but it will just be nice to have a body that doesn't hurt all the time and doesn't struggle to complete the simplest of tasks like climb stairs, pick something up off the floor or turn over in bed. My feet and lower legs are pretty swollen and achy nearly all of the time (hello cankles!) which definitely seems to have been made worse by the heat recently but my blood pressure is totally normal so fortunately there is no concern of pre-eclampsia or anything. 

After going in to hospital on Friday (and worrying that they might say she needed to come out straight away) I realised how unprepared I still was so decided it was time to buy a few essentials for my hospital bag (like nappies, maternity pads etc) so that at least if necessary I would be able now to quickly throw everything into a bag! I have also washed all the baby clothes and just have the sheets, blankets and car seat cover still to wash. I haven't got as far as actually packing my bag yet but we are getting there! 

My Braxton Hicks contractions have been getting really strong and quite painful at times which I'm taking as a good sign, plenty of practice for labour! I've been drinking my raspberry leaf tea which is supposed to help contractions be more efficient during labour. My cravings this week have been Rice Krispies (again), bitter lemon drinks and McFlurries (though I'm not sure I can count the last one as a proper craving, doesn't everyone want a McFlurry in the hot weather?) 

Don't forget to catch up with last week's 34 weeks pregnant update if you missed it! 

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