34 weeks pregnant 

Only six weeks left until we meet baby Twinkle, which doesn't seem long at all. I feel like there is still quite a lot to organise before she arrives but it still feels like we've got enough time so no need to panic just yet, just as long as she doesn't decide to make an early appearance in the next couple of weeks we'll be fine. We are planning to sort out bedrooms in the next week, Tinker and Totsy are going to share a room for the first time and get bunk beds  (which Tinker is super excited about) which means we will actually have a nursery. Once that's all sorted, it will just be a case of packing my hospital bag and washing the baby clothes so there's not loads to do at all really. 

This week baby could be around 5lb (2.25kg – I suspect she might be a little bit more though!) and is around the same size as a basketball hoop. It certainly looks as though I'm hiding a basketball under my clothes! Her lungs need to mature a little more but if she was born now she would hopefully be fine.

She has been a super wriggly baby, really nice and active (some of her movements do get really uncomfortable now though!) and it's quite entertaining watching the bump as she jumps around and pokes her hands and feet out (or knees, elbows, who knows, it's so hard to tell!) I am getting really strong Braxton Hicks contractions now too which can be really uncomfortable, hopefully all good practice for labour! I have started drinking Rasbberry Leaf Tea this week which is supposed to help make labour contractions more efficient, got to be worth a try! 

I had a routine midwife appointment this afternoon, everything was absolutely fine which is great news. Baby is still breech though, oblique breech which means she is lying diagonally. The good news though was that my midwife didn't seem too concerned, she said there is still plenty of time for her to move but also seemed to think that a vaginal breech birth would still be a real possibility, especially under my particular consultant. I have to say this is brilliant news, I had just assumed that I would be automatically booked in for a caesarean if she doesn't turn, something that I'd definitely rather avoid if I can but at the end of the day I would never want to do anything to jeopardise my baby's safe arrival and will take whatever advice I'm given by the experts. Hopefully she will settle into a head down position in the next few weeks anyway, fingers crossed! Because of the way she was lying, the usual fundal measurement was a bit pointless, and as I'm having growth scans it's no problem anyway. I was quite pleased though when my midwife said it didn't feel like a particularly big baby, maybe she won't hit 9lb after all! 

In myself I've been feeling quite well, some days admittedly I'm just so so tired and I have had a couple of bad days of horrendous sciatica which is never fun and has had me hobbling around awkwardly. But I have also had quite a few days of my back feeling not bad and feeling reasonably energised so it's been fairly balanced. The hot weather this week does mean I've been struggling a bit and I am dreading the next two days at work when the forecast is for really hot temperatures – I will be stuck in my boiling hot stuffy office which is never pleasant in warm weather but  will be even worse being heavily pregnant! If I can just get through these next two days then at least we have a week off for halfterm and then I'm only working one and a half weeks and then maternity leave starts when I'll be 37 weeks which I am definitely looking forward to now! 

Don't forget to catch up with my 33 weeks pregnant update from last week if you missed it!

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