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Luna – five weeks old

It is hard to believe that exactly five weeks ago I was still in the throes of labour and hadn't actually met my littlest girl yet. I know it's a total cliche and everyone says it but I honestly can't imagine life without her.

She is doing absolutely great, breastfeeding is going really well and she is growing fast. She won't get weighed for another couple of weeks but she is definitely growing out of all her newborn clothes! She is really chilled out and rarely cries and she is still sleeping quite a lot. We have been to Liverpool for a few days away this week and it was no drama at all travelling with her, she slept throughout the car journeys and we just fitted in feeding pitstops as necessary.

She had her first trip to the beach which was also her first time in the baby carrier (because beaches and prams/buggies are never a good combination are they) although she was fairly unimpressed and just slept the whole time (just for a change!)

Talking about sleeping, this week has seen a bit of a change as she hasn't been sleeping through the night like she was in previous weeks but I still can't complain at all! She is still having lots of feeds through the evening, then usually settles between midnight and 1am, then wakes around 4-5am for a feed which is usually only about 20-30 minutes, then wakes again around 7ish. It would be better if she settled down a bit earlier because when I'm still up at 1am I'm getting pretty sleepy but I still think she's doing pretty well (I remember only too well the endless sleep deprived days from when Tinker was a baby and I was lucky to sleep for an hour at a time so I feel very grateful!!)

I am feeling absolutely fine in myself, it's hard to believe that it's only a few weeks ago when I was pregnant and I struggled to get around and was constantly out of breath. Now I'm back to my normal self, walking distances is no problem and I'm probably going to start running this week (I will just need to get a new sports bra first!)

I know my body has done something amazing in growing a brand new person so I've tried not to feel too down about the extra weight I'm carrying (I've still got more than two stone to lose) but if I'm honest my body image is at an all time low. I'm still wearing maternity clothes and feel like I resemble a Teletubby (which, let's face it, unless you are an actual Teletubby, isn't a great look!) Slimming World seems to have worked for lots of my friends so I'm planning on signing up next week (they won't let you join until you are six weeks postpartum) and following their plan for breastfeeding mums.

Tinker and Totsy are both still being fabulous big sisters. I did worry that the novelty would wear off by now but to be honest as time goes on they have just been even more loving towards their little sister, it's very cute.

Don't forget to catch up with last week's 4 week update if you missed it.

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