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Luna – six weeks old

Somehow our littlest girl is six weeks old today! I feel like it has gone in a flash, I really wish time would just slow down a bit.

Everything is going brilliantly, she is such a relaxed baby and rarely cries. She has just slotted into our crazy family life so well and it all feels quite easy (though don’t get me wrong, obviously it’s full on and a bit chaotic at times!) We are getting out and about a lot including a day at Drayton Manor theme park this week and she is no trouble at all, as long as we stop for regular feeding pitstops she is happy. It has definitely been easier because it’s the school holidays though, with no school runs and Mr T at home – we will see if I’m still saying it’s easy in September! I’ll probably be doing school runs in my pjs with Luna attached to my boob, hissing ‘just hurry up and get your bloody shoes on, how can it take 20 bloody minutes – we have to leave NOW….right that’s it, we’re officially late, HURRY UP!!’ (Am I the only person who doesn’t like the school run?)

She is starting to smile more each day which is lovely and today I even managed to capture it in a photo for the first time.

Breastfeeding is now pretty much trouble-free and is going really well. Daytime feeds tend to be every two to three hours, but then she cluster feeds in the evening. Night times are a bit hit and miss, one night she slept 10pm till 6.15am which was fantastic!! But then last night she went to sleep around 10pm, woke at 1.30am and 5.45am, which I still think is pretty good going, I’ll definitely take that.

Her hair is falling out quite noticeably now, every time she has a bath (well, if it counts as a bath in our ensuite sink!) there is a little ring of her fluffy dark hair left behind (sob!) I was hoping she might stay quite dark haired like me but I’m pretty sure she will be end up being more fair haired like her daddy.

She hasn’t been weighed (the health visitor is coming next week to weigh her) but she is certainly growing and even her long skinny legs are not quite so skinny!

As for me, well no one is going to describe me as skinny! I’ve not lost any weight this week, and I still look pregnant. And that is not my imagination or me being hard on myself because the other day someone asked me if I knew if I was having a boy or a girl – I was so totally and utterly mortified I couldn’t speak!! Fortunately Mr T stepped in to say we had just had a little girl. Even with that humiliation I am still struggling to eat any less and rationally I know I just have to concentrate on eating well rather than dieting while I’m breastfeeding and not worry about the extra weight. I also know that it took nine months to create my beautiful baby girl so six weeks is very early days to get back to normal but still, it’s hard not to care.

This is going to be my very last weekly update on Luna, which makes me quite sad, as I’ve written a weekly update since I was 21 weeks pregnant. Although she will still feature lots in my blog obviously! If you want to see last week’s update you can find it here.

Overall I do just feel incredibly lucky. Luna, our bonus baby, our lucky number seven, has completed our family perfectly and I honestly count my blessings every day.

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