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Luna – four weeks old

It's hard to believe our little Luna Grey is 4 weeks old already, time is flying by way too fast! She is doing so well, she's still very chilled out and sleeping well. She was weighed last Thursday and had finally regained her birthweight plus a tiny bit more, weighing in at 9lb which was good news.

Breastfeeding is going really well now, the struggles from the first week or two are well behind us and it now feels very easy. I am so lucky to have Mr T at home for the summer holidays during these early weeks as it means I can sit and concentrate on feeding Luna undisturbed while he deals with the constant stream of demands for drinks, snacks, train track building, playing games etc from Tinker and Totsy, although quite often one or both of them will come and snuggle up to me while I'm feeding Luna which is lovely.

She is awake a lot in the day now, on average she feeds about every 2-3 hours in the daytime when we are at home but goes a bit longer if we are out and about (both the car and the pram send her into a deep sleep) and then she has a lot of feeds in the evening. She is still sleeping brilliantly at nighttime, there have been a couple of nights this week when she has had a feed or two during the night, but on the whole she has slept through which is just amazing! I honestly can't believe how lucky I am!

Tinker and Totsy absolutely love their new little sister, I thought the initial novelty might wear off (especially for 2 year old Totsy) but so far that hasn't happened. They are very gentle with her, they chat to her a lot (especially Tinker) and she gets lots of kisses from them.

We have had the first few smiles from Luna this week which has caused lots of excitement (mainly for me and Mr T, we are heard calling 'Quick! Look! She's smiling!' quite a lot) though we have not managed to capture a full on proper smile on camera yet.

I am still bathing her in the sink in our ensuite, and she still just about fits. Mr T bathed her (or should I say 'sinked' her??) by himself for the first time this week. We don't have a baby bath, she will just progress to her bath support in the big bath very soon when she gets too big for the sink.

I am feeling really good, I have been doing lots of walking this week and have tried to eat healthier and really cut down on eating chocolate and biscuits but I still haven't lost any weight. I know everyone says breastfeeding helps with weight loss but if I'm honest I have always found the opposite to be true, my body seems to hold onto fat more when I'm breastfeeding. I know it's early days and I shouldn't worry too much about losing weight at the moment but it's impossible to not care about it when I struggle to find anything to wear and just don't feel like myself. I looked into joining Slimming World this week but (very sensibly) they will only accept new mums once baby is 6 weeks old so I will wait a bit longer.

If you missed last week's update then don't forget to catch up with it and I have finally got around to writing Luna's birth story if you fancy a read. I was only intending to do weekly updates for Luna's first 4 weeks but I'm now not sure if I might continue for a bit longer. Maybe just another week or two, watch this space!

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