A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#23)

This week has been another one that has zoomed by in a bit of blur and I have been finding it a bit tough being pregnant with one thing and another. But of course there has still been lots to smile about, so here are some things that have made me happy this week in no particular order:

  • Mr T on the school run – on Thursday due to spending all day in meetings on a different school site Mr T was able to do the morning school run for the very first time (other than her very first day). Tinker was SO excited and was counting down the sleeps all week (and to be fair Mr T was equally as excited!) They had a lovely walk to school just the two of them and it was so nice that they had both looked forward to it so much!

  • Tinker and Totsy's phone takeover – I should know better than to leave my phone lying around but it always makes me laugh when I find random pictures they have taken of themselves.

  • Easing my pregnancy itch – this week I have had a horrible rash all over and have been driven INSANE by itching. In the pictures at the bottom of this post at the bluebell woods I might look happy and relaxed but the reality is I was actually being driven seriously crazy by wanting to scratch my own skin off!! Fortunately I have found a few things that have really helped, mainly bathing in plain water with bicarbonate of soda added and the products below, all of which have actually meant I finally got some much needed sleep!

  • Baby scan – I had a growth scan yesterday to check on Twinkle, it was absolutely lovely to get another peek at her and see that she is growing really well (seriously well actually, with an estimated weight of 4lb14oz already so definitely on track to be another 8lber!) I always get really nervous before scans and I honestly do think that the more scans you have the more likely that they will find something to worry about even though it usually turns out to be nothing, so I wasn't surprised to find that my fluid levels are just above the normal levels again (polyhydramnios) which means I have to go to the assessment unit on Tuesday to have a Glucose Tolerance Test and extra blood tests to check for underlying causes (I had exactly the same with Totsy though with no problems whatsoever – other than when my waters broke it was quite dramatic! – so I'm not concerned). We also discovered she is currently breech but there is plenty of time for her to switch positions so I'm not worried about that either! The main thing is that she is growing really well and is very healthy so it's all good. 

  • Rice Krispies – my pregnancy craving this week, I just love them, haha!

  • Bluebell Woods – we woke up last Sunday and the weather was so beautiful that we decided on a whim to visit our local bluebell woods and it turned out to be the best idea! It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, so lovely and pretty, the girls had a great time running around in the sunshine, we had seriously delicious home made cake from the cafe (even Tinker ate every bit and had seconds and she's super fussy about cake!) and we all really enjoyed it. By mid afternoon the girls (and me!) were thoroughly worn out but Mr T saved the day and did a fab job carrying the two of them (sadly he didn't quite manage to carry me too!) on the last stretch back to the car despite him still nursing a bad ankle from last weeks' football injury! Sadly the bluebell woods have now closed for this year, but we will definitely go back next year. 

Keep smiling! xx

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