A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#22)

This week has seemed to fly by, possibly because the May Day bank holiday meant it was a short working week. Lots of things to make me smile, in no particular order:

  • Langan's Tea Rooms – On Saturday we went out for lunch to Langan's one of our favourite local places. Before we moved house we used to visit a lot as it was along our route when we walked into town and it was our go to place for weekend brunch or lunch. Since we moved it is a bit further away on the far side of town and somehow we don't visit regularly anymore and haven't been for a while. We both had our favourite Eggs Benedict which was delicious as always and I'm sure we will visit again very soon for afternoon tea, another favourite of ours there. Aside from the excellent food and fabulous staff which keep us going back, it is run as a Social Enterprise and all profits go to a very successful local rehabilitation centre for those with drug and alcohol issues and in fact all staff are graduates from the rehab programme there, so eating out feels like doing a tiny tiny part in keeping that running too.

  • The Gruffalo Trail – on Sunday we visited Cannock Chase and followed the Gruffalo Trail. Tinker absolutely loved it and was running around excitedly, loving the Gruffalo Spotter app which brings the characters to life. Totsy was a little less enthusiastic (for some reason she has developed a fear of owls, no idea why!) so she was a bit more cautious and needed a few cuddles along the way, bless her. It's the perfect length walk for the girls' little legs and they still had plenty of energy for the woodland park afterwards. After a lazy Sunday morning it was just the blast of fresh air we needed. 

  • Mr T's reinstated football career – this is a slight exaggeration but Mr T played football for the first time in years on Sunday evening. His younger years were all about playing football until a snapped anterior cruciate ligament in his knee and the reconstructive surgery that followed meant it was all over for him. When he got asked to play for a local 6-a-side however he jumped at the chance. He was a little bit unsure how his knee would hold up and I was pretty convinced that he would come home with an injury as I knew his competitive nature and love for the game meant he would be unable to take it easy and ease himself in gently, and sure enough he managed to hurt his ankle which for the rest of this week has been various shades of purple and ridiculously swollen and has ruled him out of this week's team! However, he really enjoyed it and that's the main thing, and (ankle permitting) I hope he will carry on with what is after all his first love!

  • Nathan – he is having a great time in Spain, despite a few stresses getting everything sorted and he has been appointed Team Leader, which is great news! 

  • Our playroom – despite the fact that we miss Nathan loads, his absence means we now have a playroom again as for the past nine months it has been his bedroom. This week we have slowly been converting it back and while it still needs a few finishing touches it is once again a fully functioning playroom which is great for the girls. 

  • Scouting for Girls – they are one of my favourite bands (I know, it's true, I'm so totally the opposite of cool) and I got tickets this week to see them in December. When me and Mr T first got together, our very first trip out with the older kids was to see Scouting for Girls as I had got tickets for an evening at the races which was followed by a gig by them and when Jess had to work at the last minute it meant there was a spare ticket for Mr T. He was a bit unsure as he wasn't exactly a huge fan of them back then but we had a great time and the first ever photo of us after we got together was from that night, so it kind of feels like they have a little place in our history! 

  • Baby clothes – I was pretty sure we had got rid of all the newborn baby clothes when we moved house when Totsy was a few months old. However Mr T had a hunt around the loft and found that we had actually kept quite a lot. It was lovely going through them all and it's fair to say baby Twinkle will not be short of things to wear! 

Keep smiling x

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