26 weeks pregnant 

The weeks seem to be flying by, in some ways it seems that 14 weeks until we meet Twinkle isn't long to go now, but then I think that's still more than three months left and I'm already huge – I hope my bump slows down a little. People are always shocked when I say I have got another 14 weeks to go and the question of the week seems to be 'Are you sure it's not twins?' although when I see photos of myself like this one I think it looks quite a small bump!

This week Twinkle is as big as a bowling pin or a butternut squash at around 35.5cm and weighs about 900g (2lbs). She is super wriggly which I really love (it's definitely the thing I love most about being pregnant) and Tinker finds it fascinating to feel the kicks – I am going to have to try to catch a photo of her, as her face is just so amazed when she feels her move that it always makes me laugh! 

I am feeling pretty good, my back is holding up just about ok (some days better than others) I think my pregnancy pillow, which finally arrived, is really helping and I am sleeping much better now as I am nowhere near as uncomfortable at nighttime. I do still get a bit tired but, considering I'm growing a brand new person, on the whole my energy levels are not bad, although I'm sure this is partly due to all the help I get from Mr T who is great and he definitely makes my life easier. I am a bit slower than usual and doing up my shoes or putting socks on is getting tricky already but I'm still doing everything I'd usually do so it's all good (the inevitable physical limitations of being pregnant are definitely the thing I like least about pregnancy). My blocked nose is a bit annoying (I have no idea why being pregnant makes me have a permanently blocked nose, how is that a thing??) and I'm already starting to get swollen feet (which I only usually get in the last few weeks of pregnancy) but pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. And I am really starting to notice the Braxton Hicks contractions now, all good practice for labour! 

Last week we bought a few little outfits for Twinkle in the sales at Mamas & Papas and Next and also got a few brightly coloured sleepsuits from Boots. It was good to get some bargains for her newborn clothes as I know they grow so quickly and only wear them a few times really but I still want her to have a few new cute little things. Hard to believe there will be an actual baby wearing these soon!

If you missed last week's 25 week pregnancy update you can read it here.

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