25 weeks pregnant

I am a day late with this update (sorry, it's been a busy week!) but this week baby Twinkle is about as big as a baseball glove or a cabbage, around 35.5cm tall and weighs around 900g (close to 2 pounds). If my bump is anything to go by she is certainly growing just fine! 

I saw the midwife for a check up this week for the first time since my booking in appointment at 10 weeks. I was really happy that I have now got the same midwife I had when I had Totsy as she is so lovely and I got on really well with her (she is now back in the community after a six month secondment to the hospital ward). Everything was absolutely fine, no problems at all and it was really lovely to hear the baby's heartbeat. I also got my MATB1 form which made me realise I need to start thinking about when I'm going to start maternity leave! 

Twinkle has been very active until yesterday when she had a quiet day. I had been really busy and didn't really notice at first but later in the day suddenly thought 'hang on, have I felt her today?' I know how important it is to get checked if there is a change to the pattern of movements, but fortunately just when I started thinking I might have to call the hospital she started moving around and kicking away as normal. Even though I have always been lucky to have straightforward, healthy pregnancies the worry is always there, it feels like such a huge responsibility to keep this baby safe and well until birth and beyond. 

My hip and back pain has been up and down, mainly pretty good this week but with a couple of bad days. Fortunately after a bit of a frustrating delay my pregnancy pillow arrived today so I am looking forward to trying it out at bedtime. I attempted to test it earlier but Tinker and Totsy wanted to climb all over it (and me!) and were giggling their heads off getting it wrapped around them! Mr T is not especially keen as it is pretty bulky but I'm sure if it stops me moaning about not being able to get comfortable he will eventually love it too. 

Don't forget to catch up with last weeks 24 week pregnancy update if you missed it. 

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