23 weeks pregnant 

The weeks are going by so fast, only 17 weeks left to go. 

Baby Twinkle is kicking away more and more, I love to feel her moving, it's my absolute favourite thing about being pregnant. She is now about 30.5cm long which is about the size of a Barbie doll or a chinchilla, and weighs about 1lb and a quarter (about 570g). 

I am feeling pretty good still, no more low blood pressure incidents and generally well. My morning sickness seems to be reappearing though, which is a bit annoying, although this has happened in my last two pregnancies as well (though usually a bit later on) so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. Fortunately it's just been nausea and dry heaving (sorry, tmi I know!) at the moment, fingers crossed it disappears again soon. 

My bump is still growing really fast, I am starting to wonder how on earth I will stay upright by the time my due date comes around! I hope it has just been a huge growth spurt that slows down a bit in the coming weeks though obviously as long as baby is growing ok that's fine with me. My belly button has popped out too now, it's a definite 'outie' this week! 

My hip and back pain is really starting to bite now, again totally expected as it has been a real issue in my last couple of pregnancies too. It's starting to affect my sleep as staying in one position too long really hurts my hips and turning over is getting more difficult so I am thinking I might invest in a pregnancy pillow to help. I know it will go away very quickly after the birth (with Tinker the relief from my severe sciatica was immediate, literally as soon as she was out!) so I will just get on with it and try not to let it stop me from doing things. 

I haven't seen the midwife since my booking in appointment (although I did have a consultant appointment) and my next appointment is still a couple of weeks away so I am really looking forward to that as I will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat and it's always reassuring to get checked over.

Tinker is still very excited, she has started to refer to the baby by name now (the name that she has chosen, we are not yet quite decided!!) she likes to rub my tummy and say hello baby and Totsy will pat my tummy saying 'baby'. 

If you missed it you can find last week's 22 week pregnancy update here.

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