A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#16)

Another busy week for us, but lots of things to make me smile. In no particular order here are some of them:

  • Grandad T – since coming home from hospital in late January, a month after his stroke on Boxing Day, the last six weeks have seen him working hard on his recovery with a full regime of physiotherapy and exercises. Grandma T has kept him motivated and his hard work is all paying off brilliantly, his recovery has been amazing. This week we have seen him and Grandma T a couple of times and he just looks so well now and back to normal that it is hard to remember how poorly he has been. After being fed by a PEG (a tube direct into his stomach) for the last few weeks and then progressing to yoghurt and porridge he finally got the all clear to eat proper meals which was absolutely fantastic news.

  • Parents evening – this week saw parents evenings for both Tinker and Milly. I wasn't anticipating problems with either of them (Tinker just loves school so much and Milly's teachers can see me at any time with problems as I work at her school!) and was very pleased with all the lovely things the teachers had to say about them. Milly's sixth form teachers especially were very complimentary about her hard work and confidence in class (which as she has always been prone to shyness was lovely to hear!) and all were predicting her to get high grades at A level (which was no huge surprise to me as I work in data and assessment so keep an eye on her grades!)  

  • Tinker walking – yes she is 5 years old and has been able to walk perfectly well since she was 10 months but she is just so lazy when it comes to walking any kind of distance. When Totsy was born Tinker was just 3 and we bought a buggy board which was an absolute godsend. She happily rode along on it and it made life so much easier as she was prone to be a bit of a runner otherwise, it was without a doubt one of the best things we bought! But two years later she is still using it. And she just never wants to walk far. She barely makes it to the end of our street before complaining her legs are tired (and we live on a short street!) This week though she managed to walk all the way home from school for the very first time  (this is a 25 minute walk for me when I'm getting a move on, so it's a fair distance) which felt like a huge achievement! She got so much praise and a little treat and was incredibly proud of herself. I really hope this is the start of things to come (even though when Totsy joined her walking half way home it took forever to get home!) as being pregnant it is getting harder and harder to push them both. 

  • Nathan's new job – since he finished studying Musical Theatre at university last summer he has been working as front of house in a local gym, which was supposed to be a short term job but was in danger of becoming his new career path as his plan to move to London kept getting delayed for various reasons. However, this week he was offered a six month contract as a performance entertainer at a resort in Spain and while I am so sad that he will be leaving very soon and I will really really miss him, I'm also so happy that he will be doing something he loves again. And in the sunshine too! 

  • Spring – it's fair to say the weather is a bit unpredictable still, one minute teasing us that spring is in the air, the next the car needs ice scraping off in the morning. Even the glimpse of spring we've had is light at the end of the tunnel though, warmer days with more sunshine are definitely on the way, I can't wait!

Keep smiling x

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