22 weeks pregnant

This week the baby is about as big as a corn on the cob (about a foot tall, or 30.5cm) and weighs around a pound or 450g. She certainly seems to be growing well if my bump is anything to go by (although that could just be all the half term treats I ate last week, oops!) She is still moving around lots and her little kicks are getting stronger all the time. 

Generally I'm still feeling really well, the horrible cold I had last week is finally disappearing thank goodness. The tiredness and aches and pains are starting to creep in a bit more now and my back and hip pain has been a bit of an issue a few days this week, enough to make sleeping a problem which could explain why I'm feeling a bit knackered (and look it – perfectly shown in the photo at the top!!) I also had a bit of an unwell episode when we were out this week, I suddenly felt really sleepy, sick and spaced out for about twenty minutes but then afterwards I was fine. I'm pretty sure this was due to low blood pressure, I've had low blood pressure and fainting spells in most of my pregnancies at around this point (I think the poor shop assistant in electrical store Curry's who I fainted on when pregnant with the twins is probably still traumatised!) and as my blood pressure is generally quite low even when I'm not pregnant I suppose this is inevitable. It should start to rise soon, hopefully not too much though! I have never suffered from high blood pressure in pregnancy so fingers crossed I won't this time either (although this is just one of many things that are more likely due to my age apparently!)

We still haven't quite settled on a name yet, it feels like we have plenty of time to decide though I know it will creep up on us. We have a shortlist and Tinker has definitely got a favourite (fortunately her favourite is probably mine too) but we'll see! 

I bought a double buggy this week which made it seem quite real that we are actually having another baby! I got it secondhand from EBay, I decided that with Totsy being almost two and a half when the baby is born we probably won't need it for too long so even though we don't need to buy much this time I didn't want to buy brand new as I will probably use my existing pram and buggy board quite a lot too. It's a Mountain Buggy Duet, I preferred a side by side style but this one is still quite narrow so should be easy enough to manoeuvre. I'm really pleased with it, we will be able to fit our existing car seat onto it which will be great (I don't want to disturb a sleeping baby for a quick trip into town!) and it has been recommended by friends, so hopefully we will get on with it ok. 

If you want to read what happened last week you can read my 21 week pregnancy update here.

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