A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#14) 

This week has been half term and also Tinker's 5th birthday so there's definitely been lots to smile about:

  • Tinker's birthday – I honestly can't believe she is five! She had a lovely party last weekend at a local chocolate cafe, where they decorated chocolate bars, made wrappers and lollipops and played games. I always get quite nervous organising birthday parties, worrying if everyone will turn up or if they will have a good time but it was all fine, Tinker thoroughly enjoyed herself and it was a success! For her actual birthday we gave her the choice of days out at zoos, farms etc but all she wanted to do was go to our local soft play! So that's where we went. As it turned out Storm Doris was raging on the day so it was definitely the best decision! To be honest it was nice to have a low key day with time to play with her presents without rushing around, especially as she went to her dad's at teatime, which is always tough. Our families came over to visit in the afternoon and she had a lovely time. 

  • Half term – it felt like half term took forever to arrive, we were all ready for a break. It has been just so nice to not have to run to a tight schedule, we have been able to relax and work to a slower pace. I have had a horrible cold but even that couldn't dampen my spirits, it was just so nice to be off work and all be together. We haven't done loads, a few trips to the park, a walk on Cannock Chase, lots of painting/craft activities and playing games at home but spending time together relaxing has been lovely and much needed.

  • Tinker – the last few weeks have been quite difficult at times, she has been moody, stroppy and awkward and it has really tested us. Although she loves school I think she gets quite tired and it has been a very busy term. Recently though she has been like a different child, easy going, happy, sweet and generally just an absolute joy. I think we enjoy the good phases with her all the more because of the difficult phases and although it probably won't last she has been a total ray of sunshine this week which we have really loved. 

  • This Is Us – I am loving this TV series, Nathan kept telling me to watch it as it was just my sort of thing and when I did eventually catch up with it I have to say he was right! It has made me laugh and made me cry, I was hooked from the very first episode, it was so clever (I won't spoil it in case anyone was planning to watch it) but I am really enjoying it (even if I do keep falling asleep when it's on, that is definitely no reflection on how good it is!) 

  • Feeling the baby move – I love it! She is moving around more and more now and it always makes me smile to feel her wriggling around, plus it's really reassuring. 

  • Tinker and Totsy – they just adore each other and it's so lovely to see them together. Totsy follows Tinker everywhere and they play together so well, they are happiest when they are together. Tinker has a gentler voice that she uses when talking to Totsy and she has infinite patience for her, Totsy definitely brings out the best in Tinker. On Tinker's birthday she passed several presents to Totsy saying 'do you want to open this one?' and made sure her little sister wasn't at all left out. When Tinker is at her dad's on Friday and Saturday Totsy will ask for her all the time, and rushes into her bedroom in the morning shouting 'Sister!' (she rarely calls her by her name, it's always Sister!) only to look totally dejected when she's not there. When Tinker comes back on Saturday afternoon they rush to each other for cuddles and are happy to just run around laughing together for the rest of the day. When we were shopping in town on Monday they lost sight of each for about 20 seconds and then rushed to cuddle each other as if they'd not seen each other for a week! They are so close, I hope this will continue throughout their lives. I must admit I feel slightly nervous about adding another sister to the mix in July, I know it won't always be perfect but I just hope they will adapt to become a tight knit unit of three and that it won't mean there is one always left out.

  • Mr T – he does so much for us all and he never complains or moans, just gets on with it whether it is decorating and fixing stuff, building dens and playing rough and tumble with the girls, reading bedtime stories and sorting laundry or just making me endless cups of teas. We are very lucky to have him and I hope he knows how much we all appreciate him. 

Keep smiling x

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