21 weeks pregnant

I can't believe how the time is flying by now and I'm already 21 weeks pregnant. I feel as if the early weeks dragged by when no-one knew I was pregnant and I was feeling pretty rough, but since Christmas I've been feeling really well and time now seems to be going so fast! It's not that I ever actually forget I'm pregnant of course but with busy lives sometimes it's not always at the forefront of our minds. 

This middle part of pregnancy is always the best bit and I am currently feeling good, a bit of tiredness and hip pain but nothing too bad. In my last two pregnancies I have suffered really badly from sciatica and it is just starting up again but fortunately it's not too bad yet. I am thinking about seeing a chiropractor if it becomes a problem as last time it was horrendous and made the last few months really really difficult. I also need to watch my weight gain, I have put on just over a stone so far which is more than I would have liked. The truth is I'm constantly hungry – seriously ravenous! I am trying to make an effort to snack on fruit instead of biscuits and treats but it's hard. People keep telling me I'm huge (which is just rude – why do people feel the need to constantly comment on the size of my bump??) but this is baby seven, so I don't think it's all that surprising that my bump has grown quite fast (my poor stomach muscles have been through a lot!) I currently have a cold so I'm a bit croaky and snotty (painting a lovely picture for you, sorry!) and not being able to take any medication is not great but fortunately I have Mr T to look after me and the slower pace of halfterm this week is very welcome.

The baby (nicknamed Twinkle!) is wriggling about quite a lot now which is absolutely lovely, it's so reassuring feeling her move and always makes me smile. Even though her movements are still fairly gentle they are getting stronger and more regular and Mr T has also been able to feel her a couple of times this week which he loves. This week she is about 10.5 inches and as big as a baseball cap!

Tinker is very excited still and gives my bump a cuddle and a kiss all the time. She is quite impatient to meet her little sister and I know she will be an amazing big sister again. Despite the fact that she drives us crazy with her tantrums, strops and moods she never shows this side to Totsy, she is really nurturing, patient and gentle with her so I'm sure she will be just the same with this little one. 

Totsy at not quite two is a bit too little to really understand, but she follows Tinker's lead and kisses my bump saying 'baby' which is really sweet. 

Fortunately we still have most of the baby gear from Totsy so won't need to buy much, though I do think we will need a double buggy and I also think a bedside crib would be nice, perfect for sleepy breastfeeds as I'm going to need as much sleep as I can get with three little ones to run around after! 

I'm going to try and do a pregnancy update every week or two so watch this space. 

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