A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#32)

This week has gone so fast, I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! Lots to make me smile as usual though of course.

  • Kedleston Hall – on Sunday we spent a lovely day at Kedleston Hall (nobody could say we don’t make the most of our National Trust memberships!) We had never been before but it’s not far from us and it’s really easy to get to, we’ll definitely be going regularly from now on. It’s a really lovely place, really beautiful as you drive in across the bridge and there is lots of space for the girls to run around in. Grandma and Grandad joined us too and we had a picnic, a guided tour of the pleasure grounds from the lovely and very knowledgeable Betty who is one of the National Trust volunteers, a wander around the house (which is not as big as some other local properties so it was the perfect size for the girls to enjoy exploring before they got bored) and then we ate ice cream, the girls played on the lawn in front of the house and we had a walk in the grounds before heading home. I find days out like that so relaxing and the girls were both happy so it was perfect!
  • Forest school – We missed quite a lot of forest school in the weeks leading up to the summer holidays as I was so pregnant and huge I just couldn’t really face it. But now it has started again for the new term it has been great to get back to it. Totsy is always so excited to go and really loves it, especially as Hannah our childminder attends, Totsy loves to see her and catch up with Hannah’s other mindees. It’s nice for her to have the chance to do different activities, this week she made chocolate bread on the fire, made a wool spider web, had a spider story around the fire, made mud cakes and swung in the hammock.y
  • Movie night – last night after a day out at the farm for one of Sienna’s friends birthdays we decided to have a movie night snuggling on the sofa when we got home. We all got into our pyjamas at 5pm, me and Mr T put our phones away, I did a big tray of snacks, we closed all the curtains and cuddled up together to watch Trolls. Sienna isn’t really keen on movies as she finds the mildest thing too scary so our choices are very limited, but even though we have seen it before we all really enjoyed it and definitely needed the relaxation. The girls really liked it too and Sienna has already asked if we can do it every Saturday, so I think it will be a regular Saturday evening routine from now on!
  • A day at home – today we deliberately didn’t plan to do anything. It feels like ages since we had a day at home and it’s been really nice. Mr T and I have got a few things done (very unexciting things like sorting out the shoe cupboard, cleaning the bathroom ceiling and sorting through a stack of mail, oh the glamour!) but I also found time to bake a cake and we spent time just playing and chatting with the girls which has been lovely (especially when we got the dress up clothes out this morning and they put little shows on for us, super cute!)
  • Weight loss – I have lost another couple of pounds this week, my Fitbit is really helping to keep me motivated and I still haven’t eaten any chocolate or biscuits (it’s been over a month now!) Because I’m breastfeeding I am not dieting as such, I just keep a food diary and make sure I eat healthily. My fitness levels are slowly improving with lots of walking to school pushing the double buggy (which is an hour round trip) and the odd run (I’m only doing 3km at the moment and it’s slow but improving and getting easier) I am in no way happy with my weight or my post baby body yet, but it feels really positive that I am doing something about it. My stomach is loads flatter than it was, not flat but I no longer feel like someone’s going to ask me the dreaded ‘when are you due?’ and I don’t now have to fight back tears when I’m getting dressed because I feel so horrible in all my clothes, so for now I’ll take that!
  • Football – Mr T has started playing football after work on Fridays. Football is his first love but injuries have stopped him playing regularly for the last few years so it’s nice that he is finally able to play (I’m touching all the wood that he stays injury free!!) even if it is just a ‘friendly’ with his workmates (not sure how ‘friendly’ it actually is in reality though!)

Keep smiling! xx

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