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Luna – two weeks old

Our beautiful littlest girl is already two weeks old. The days are going so fast and I just want to keep her tiny forever. She is such a good girl, very settled and at the moment she sleeps so well!

She is quite settled in the daytime, feeding on average about every 3 hours then tends to feed a LOT in the evenings (I mean permanently attached to the boob, plus Mr T usually gives her an extra bottle of breastmilk as I've been expressing during the daytime) and then she usually sleeps for a long stretch. Last night she slept the best yet, from 10.30pm to almost 5am! I'm not expecting that to happen very often though and there have also been a few nights when she has fed constantly for hours continuing well past midnight and I've been so tired and desperate to get to bed so it's not all perfect just yet, but she is a very good girl.

Breastfeeding is getting better, I had a few days this week of giving her just bottles of expressed milk as it was just so horribly painful to feed her and I had started to absolutely dread feeds. I still breastfed her in the evening and through the night but having a few hours without feeding her directly and just expressing really helped a lot. Now feeding on the left side is absolutely fine and the right side is still pretty sore but improving.

I think she would take to a dummy quite well (although I won't actually give her one – unless I get really desperate, never say never!) as she sucks her fingers quite a lot. Jess is the only one of mine who had a dummy, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to dummies, but overall I just prefer not to use them.

We saw the health visitor last Friday, everything was fine but Luna had hardly gained any weight since her weigh in on day 5 when she had lost about 7% of her birthweight (8lb15oz) and weighed 8lb3oz. The health visitor is coming back to weigh her tomorrow, so I'm really hoping she is back up to her birthweight, fingers crossed. We were discharged from the midwives on Saturday (day 10) as there were no problems (other than the weight gain issue but obviously it would be pointless for the midwife team and the health visitor to both be monitoring her weight). 

I'm feeling really good, so much better than this time last week. I feel so much stronger, my back is loads better, my feet are still swollen but better and gradually returning to normal and I generally just feel so much more like my normal self. Today I weigh 12st2lb (I peaked at 13st11lb when pregnant) so although initial weight loss after birth wasn't much I have lost 9lbs this week. I still have a long way to go and I still look quite pregnant, which is making me feel self conscious. My maternity clothes are all quite clingy and designed to show off the bump so they are very unflattering now and I'm nowhere near fitting into my old clothes, so I feel horrible in everything, I just feel like a lumpy potato to be honest. I guess that's a small price to pay though and I try to remind myself that my body has done an amazing thing growing a whole person!

Mr T has been back at work for a week and I feel like I've coped pretty well on my own, even the school runs have gone smoothly (and getting 3 girls and myself up, dressed, washed and fed and out of the door by 8.30am feels like a huge achievement!) though I am really looking forward to the end of term on Friday! 

On the whole, it's all going pretty smoothly. Luna seems to have fitted in just perfectly, she's such a little poppet!

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