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Hello Luna – she’s arrived!

Our beautiful baby girl Luna finally arrived on 5th July at 8:39pm weighing 8lb 15oz. We are all completely and utterly in love with her. I honestly feel like the luckiest mummy ever!

It was a long and slow induction process followed by a tough labour (involving far too much gas and air and a baby stuck in an awkward position) but she was worth every single second. I will write my birth story on here very soon (well, the bits I can remember after they finally prised the gas and air out of my hand!) but it's safe to say I have never been so relieved in all my life as when she was finally out!
The past week in our newborn bubble has been a bit of a blur and time is whizzing by, I really just want to freeze time! I am loving every second, she is such a chilled out baby and only gets up once a night (but don't hate me though, it's early days yet, this could all change very quickly!) We have had lots of visitors, lots of family time (including all seven siblings together for the first time as Nathan made it home from Spain for 48 hours) and a few nice lunches out, although mainly for me the focus has been on feeding Luna. 

Breastfeeding took a few days to get established, we struggled with latching on as she was quite sleepy with a touch of jaundice. In the end I gave her expressed milk a couple of times just to get some calories into her and that really helped us to turn the corner. Probably as a result of the latching on problems we had in the first few days, feeds are quite painful, especially on my left side, and I really have to brace myself as she latches on, it's seriously eye wateringly sore! I really hope it eases soon, fingers crossed. 

I still have ridiculously swollen feet (seriously, they look and feel hideous and bear more than a passing resemblance to an elephant's feet) but I am hopeful they will start to improve over the next few days. My bump has gone down quite a lot but I still look very pregnant and weight wise I have only lost a stone so far, so have a very long way to go (though obviously I'm not worrying about that just yet). The first few days I was pretty shattered after three nights in hospital with very little sleep but fortunately Luna has let me catch up a bit so I'm feeling loads better. My back has still been bothering me but fortunately seems to be getting a bit better every day. Overall I wouldn't say I was feeling fully back to normal but I'm definitely getting there. 

Tinker and Totsy are absolutely thrilled with their little sister, I am surprised just how interested they are in her, especially Totsy who I thought might be quite unimpressed with a baby human (she kept telling everyone we were having a chicken or a dinosaur!) 

Mr T is heading back to work tomorrow, I think he is going to find it really hard being away from Luna and we will really miss him. He has been amazing (as always) and will probably get a much needed rest by going back to work! Fortunately the summer holidays are only a little over a week away so he will soon be at home with us for a few weeks anyway (I know, great timing!) 

Hopefully I will find a bit of time and focus to regularly update on here, this blog has taken a bit of a back seat lately but normal service should resume fairly soon. 

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