29 weeks pregnant 

Another week has whizzed by and (as this post is a couple of days late) there is less than 11 weeks to go until we meet baby Twinkle.

This week she is about as big as a pineapple and could be around 40.5cm and might weigh almost 3lb (1.35kg). The next few weeks will be all about her packing on the fat and maturing her lungs and muscles. 

She is still super active most days, especially when I'm sitting still or in bed trying to sleep. Matty felt her moving for the first time this week, its funny because I tend to think he wouldn't be over interested in stuff like that, but he had mentioned a few times that he'd not felt her move yet and seemed really chuffed when he finally did which is lovely. Tinker talks about the baby all the time and is really understanding that I'm a bit slower and can't do things like lift her up very much at the moment.

I've been feeling fine, which is good as it's been a busy week with the Easter holidays. My back is never fine but holding up ok, I have bad days with it but the good days are still just about outnumbering them at the moment. Mr T and I went away to Liverpool for a few days together and did loads of walking which meant my back was pretty bad but overall it's doing ok. I am getting quite out of breath, my permanently blocked nose seems worse than ever just now and heartburn is still an issue most days but not too severe (Gaviscon liquid soon eases it) and the good news is my feet have barely been swollen at all this week. My bump is of course still huge and a few people have commented on how low it looks and they are always shocked when I tell them how long I've got to go (as one lady in a cafe put it, I look 'about to drop'!) 

I had good news from my midwife, all my blood tests from last week came back absolutely clear, which was quite a relief as I had extra tests for obstetric cholestasis (a pregnancy liver condition) due to having itching at night time on the soles of my feet. Fortunately everything was fine, but it's always best to get things checked (and I will be tested again if the itching gets any worse). 

We bought a crib this week. Although we have a small cot that we used for Totsy we never had a Moses basket or crib for her and I really wanted a bedside cot to make night time breastfeeds a tiny bit easier and so opted for a Chicco Next 2 Me crib which seems to have great reviews. I'm sure I will be super grateful of it during the night feeds! 

If you missed my 28 weeks pregnant update last week then you can catch up with it now.

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