A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#20)

This week has been another really busy one, the Easter holidays have been pretty packed full. Here's what has been making me smile this week:

  • Easter holidays – the school holidays are the main reason I do the job I do! To be able to spend them together is so important to us and makes the term time 'rush days' (as Tinker calls them!) when we all have to be out of the house before 7.30am, all worth it. Whether we have exciting days out, craft activities at home, snuggles on the sofa or a simple trip to the park, us all being off work and school is just the best!

  • Liverpool – Mr T and I managed a couple of childfree nights away to our favourite city this week, a mini babymoon. It was so lovely to get away, properly relax and just enjoy spending time together – we know it could be a while before we get chance to do it again, with less than 11 weeks now until baby Twinkle is due.

  • Line of Duty – this TV series had previously passed me by, but it was recommended by a friend so we started to watch series one, and oh my days, it's absolutely gripping, I love it! We are up to series three now, I wish we had time to binge watch all of it in one go, it's so good! 

  • Football – I don't mind football at all and quite enjoy it but don't get me wrong I'm not a massive fan either but Mr T is a HUGE Manchester United fan. He never lets it interfere with family time but whenever he can he likes to watch them (or to be honest any other football, it's not limited just to them). It always amuses me massively to watch him watching it, as he is usually so laid back, calm and rational but when an important match that really matters to him is on he just can't sit still, he's so agitated and continuously jumps out of his seat and constantly shouts at the TV, running around the room in celebration when they score and occasionally kicking things when it's not going so well! At the weekend Man United played Chelsea and because Mr T was so animated Tinker was really getting into it too. It was really funny and cute watching the two of them shouting at the TV and Tinker absolutely loved it when Mr T threw her up in the air to celebrate a win and kept shouting 'again!' 

  • Easter egg hunt – Tinker, Totsy and Milly had a great time running around the house searching for all the hidden eggs – well, to be fair, once Totsy had collected a few she just wanted to eat them but Tinker and Milly hunted down the rest. It's a tradition we have done for so many years, since the older kids were tiny and it's lovely that it continues with the younger ones and that Milly still wants to be part of it!

  • Gardening – Tinker's voluntary holiday homework was gardening themed. She was really excited about it, we filmed some little videos as she planted some flowers and seeds and planted and decorated her Fairy Garden that she had for her birthday. It's been lovely seeing how keen she has been about it all, as she saw little sprouts shooting up on her cress after a couple of days and on her chives after a week. Her yellow violas are doing really well and we are still waiting for her pepper seeds to shoot and for the grass seeds to grow, fingers crossed they will get going soon. 

  • Little Green Frog Cafe – on Easter Monday we went out for lunch to a play cafe in a nearby town. It's lovely there, super child friendly, there is a small soft play (small enough for Totsy to manage all by herself, just big enough to still occupy Tinker) and they have craft and other activities on regularly too. The menu caters brilliantly for children from weaning upwards and has a good selection for adults too. The girls love it there and had a great time, it's such a great concept.

  • Family afternoon tea – I really love having all our families together and every 2 or 3 weeks try to cook a huge Sunday dinner for everyone. On Easter Monday though we decided to keep it simple and just have a little afternoon tea for everyone, which was nice as it meant I didn't have to really prepare anything until right before we were ready to eat. The most important thing is just having family time and the girls absolutely love having everyone together. 

  • Peppa Pig World – We spent two days at Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park. I booked thinking the girls would love it (and slightly regretted it when I thought about actually spending two days full of Peppa!!) It was really fabulous though, we had a great time! It was perfect for our girls (aged 2 and 5) and we will definitely visit again, especially as Totsy was poorly while we there which was absolutely gutting as she couldn't enjoy the second day at all, poor little thing. I will be writing a blog post all about it soon, so watch out for that if you are thinking about going. 

Keep smiling xx

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