A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#9)

OK, so this should probably be called a fortnight of smiles as it has been a while since I wrote one of these, but hey, sometimes life is busy and this blog is a hobby not a job or a chore, so I'm not going to feel guilty or apologise for the fact that sometimes I just don't get round to writing posts as much as I would like. Better late than never and all that! (Actually, with my terrible habit of lateness that could be my life motto!) Anyway, there has been lots to smile about this week…

  • Tinker was Mary in the school nativity play. Seriously, Mary! I could not have been prouder. Her primary school is quite big with three reception classes so she was chosen from 70 children, and while I am not usually a bragging sort of mum I was thrilled for her! (Did I mention Tinker was MARY??!) She was brilliant, she took centre stage and sang her heart out while makaton signing at the same time and really was brilliant (though obviously there is the faint possibility I am a teeny bit biased). There is something so precious about their first nativity play whatever part they play and I most definitely had a tear in my eye. These pictures aren't amazing, mainly due to having to crop Joseph out (sorry Joseph, but primary schools have very strict social media rules) but it really was just all the festive cuteness!

  • Our kitchen is finished!! This makes me so happy and I have to say I could not be more pleased with it, it is exactly what I had hoped for and more. I just love it! There were a few ups and downs along the way (mainly the oven being faulty and having to be replaced, meaning we had no oven for 4 weeks) but thankfully it was all finished on time in the end which is lucky as there wasn't much of a margin to overrun with Christmas just a week away (and we are hosting 13 for dinner on Christmas day!) After getting a few quotes we chose Wickes to supply and fit the kitchen and I have to say we have been really pleased with them from start to finish. I will do a full blog post with pictures very soon!

  • We now have two lovely weeks off. The school holidays are definitely the reason I go to work! Breaking up on Friday felt long overdue, it has seemed like a very long and busy term and we were all shattered – especially Tinker who has now completed a whole term at big school which is hard to believe. The school routine now feels very normal and she has settled in so well, but at times I still find it hard to believe she is a fully fledged schoolgirl nowadays!

  • Tinker did her first gymnastics competition this week. She only started classes in June, but really enjoys it and wanted to take part in the competition. She loved it, remembered all of her routine and was not at all concerned that she didn't win (good job really, as she never really stood a chance, bless her!) They all had a chance to have their photo taken on the winner's podium though.

  • I've finished the Christmas shopping! And also wrapped almost everything (with the exception of a few late arrivals still to be delivered). With a family as big as ours this is no mean feat so I am happy I'm quite organised this year, which means the next week will be all about fun and relaxation rather than a last minute shopping frenzy.

  • Totsy's speech is making us all smile at the moment, mainly because she is a complete parrot. Whatever you say she just repeats the last word, which in her gruff little voice is very cute. She is also understanding most things and really making herself understood too which is lovely. She is now 21 months and its fascinating how she seems to learn something new every day. Tinker is really enjoying being able to communicate so much more with her and they just get closer all the time.

  • Last weekend we caught up with some friends who we don't get chance to see often enough. We went for a lovely walk on Cannock Chase which the kids all loved and had a great time running around exploring together, while us adults had a good old catch up and a gentle stroll, then we all went for dinner at a country pub sitting by a roaring fire. Perfect Sunday afternoon.

Keep smiling x

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