A week of smiles / Family

A week of smiles (#4)

This week there has been a lot to make me happy. Here are a few highlights in no particular order.

  • It's half term! And not just for the kids, both me and Mr Totsy work in a school so we are on half term too. It's been a very busy term work wise, with not enough hours in the day and catching up with work at home in the evenings so we both felt ready for a break! 

  • It was Nathan's graduation. I am super proud of my children on any day of the week but important milestones like this make me nearly burst with pride. I won't say any more just now though as I am intending to write a blog post all about it.

  • We are on holiday! As Nathan was a student in Chichester we have had many happy visits to the surrounding areas over the last 3 years. It seemed only right then that we combine his graduation with a holiday (especially as it fell in half term, how convenient!) so we are in Littlehampton, where we have had a lovely time of leisurely mornings on the beach, afternoons exploring and stopping for coffee and we have made some special memories. 

  • Tinker and Totsy – their relationship seems to get closer every day. Whether it is Tinker casually popping an arm around Totsy's shoulder as they watch CBeebies on the iPad, them running around the beach laughing together or the two of them giggling away at their own antics in a coffee shop, oblivious to everyone else, it really is a joy to watch.

  • Our new kitchen has been confirmed for before Christmas. Although I am definitely not looking forward  to the mess and upheaval of knocking walls down, replastering and fitting a new kitchen, I am very excited for the finished article and I have it on good authority that work will be completed by 16th December, just in time for festivities. 

  • My blog – I am really enjoying it, it's a great hobby! Whilst it is something I wanted to do mainly for me it's nice that I'm getting a few readers. I'm starting to think about improving my photos and while it is a lot more time consuming than I ever imagined and I still haven't really got a clue what I'm doing, I'm really happy that I finally got it started. 

Keep smiling! X

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