An unexpected side-effect of blogging

Since I started this blog I have begun to realise that my usual quick snapshots aren't really up to scratch. When I started this blog I didn't think it mattered that my photos are usually a bit rubbish and I thought I would be unapologetic about my blurry snaps. But so many other blogs have really beautiful photographs with every post whereas some of my posts don't even have any! 

This week, I have finally got around to actually using my Instagram account (@tinkerandtotsy if you fancy a look) and this has just made me feel even more inadequate photo-wise. I have a serious case of photo envy.

Now, I am never really going to be a decent photographer, I don't even own a camera and I don't have a clue about light and focus and all that malarkey. I have always been one of those people who thinks it's really annoying when people are so busy getting the perfect shot that they totally miss living the actual moment that they are so intent on capturing. Yes, I like to capture a few snaps on my iPhone but I don't really care if they are actually any good, they are really just to jog my memory in the future. But now I'm starting to think I could up my game a bit. 

I fully intend to still use my iPhone for all my pictures. Even if I owned a fancy camera I'd forget to take it out with me (plus I already cart enough crap around me with everywhere). Let's face it, I don't even have a clue what DSLR stands for. I will definitely not start to live my life behind a lens. But I am starting to think about my photographs just a little bit more than usual.

We are on holiday at the moment and spent the morning at Littlehampton beach and the afternoon at Arundel Castle both beautiful settings. I took a LOT of photographs. Here are some of my favourites (all without filters). 

And just to prove I was actually there here are a few that Mr Totsy took.

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