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The next generation

I have some very exciting news to share. No, I am not pregnant but somebody is……

My baby is having a baby!! My eldest daughter Jess is due to have her baby boy on 1st December, just three weeks from now. We are all so very excited to meet him!

When she first told me that she was pregnant it was totally out of the blue and took a little while to sink in, of course it was fantastic news but it was early days as she was only 5 weeks pregnant and I think it took a little while to seem real. There is a whole range of emotions involved when your daughter is expecting and it is hard not to worry constantly! As the days, weeks and months have ticked by the excitement has built every day and now we are so close to meeting him and I just can’t wait!

Fortunately Jess has been amazingly well with no real problems during her whole pregnancy and although I know I will be incredibly anxious when she is in labour I also know she will be amazing and cope fantastically with whatever her labour and birth brings.

Of course I feel far too young to be a grandmother (although if Jess had followed in my footsteps and had a baby aged 17, the age I was when I had her, then I would have been a grandma at 34!! It’s a good job she is far more sensible than me and has waited until she is 26!) but I am super excited for her and I know she will be an absolutely amazing mummy. She already has an 11 year old stepson, Cam, who lives full-time with her and her partner Raj so she is used to family life already and of course she has had plenty of chance to practice with her little sisters!

The other kids are really excited to be aunties/uncles and although not many people become an auntie at only 5 months old like Luna will, it will be lovely for them to grow up together.

This week I have been able to go with Jess to a midwife appointment (so I got to hear his lovely strong heartbeat) and then because the midwife wasn’t totally certain if he was head down or breech she booked a scan for her, so I was able to see him on the scan too, which was great! And fortunately he is head down so that was all good.

Whenever you are ready now, little baby boy, we are so excited to meet you and we all have so much love for you.

My oldest baby with my youngest baby!

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