A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#27)

I was doing so well posting regularly in this series but somehow it's been nearly 3 weeks since my last one, oops! Blogging seems to have taken a bit of a back seat in the last couple of weeks but as I'm heavily pregnant (38 weeks now!), with a brain that feels like mush most of the time, feeling huge and permanently knackered I'm not going be too hard on myself. It feels like we haven't done much by way of days out etc in the last couple of weeks and I've hardly taken any photos but of course there has still been plenty to smile about! 

  • Father's Day – it is always nice to have the opportunity to spoil Mr T a bit, he definitely deserves it, he is the best dad and stepdad the kids could ever wish for and he does so much for us all without ever complaining. He got family tickets for a tour of Old Trafford, new trainers, whisky, a book from the girls (it has become a bit of a tradition with me and Mr T to buy a suitable storybook for them as a gift for each other!) and a couple of other bits and bobs too (including a Vans backpack and a really lovely card from Milly that made us all a bit tearful, bless!) We invited our dads over for dinner (and our mums too obviously!) and despite the fact it was a very hot day and I'm in the latter stages of growing a person I managed to cook dinner for us all, and we had a lovely family afternoon and evening. Me and Mr T are so lucky that we have dads who we are very close to and they have always been there for us, supporting us and helping us in everything we do. Although I meant to take photos on the day I somehow didn't get round to it, but I'm so grateful for these three guys who definitely show everyone how fatherhood should be done, love them all! 
  • The recent heatwave – ok I admit, it was a bit too hot for me, what with being 9 months pregnant and having an inbuilt overheating system already! If I'm honest it was a struggle and I am so relieved it is now cooler. But the girls absolutely loved the sunshine, just being outdoors as much as possible, playing in the paddling pool especially Totsy who gets up every morning still and says hopefully 'Go in swimming pool today?' The British summer can be so elusive so although I took advantage of the chance to sit indoors with the fan on whenever I could, I also tried to embrace being outside with them and just enjoy their enthusiasm as much as possible (but again, hardly took any photos, I'm such a rubbish blogger!) 

  • Maternity leave – I was a bit concerned that I was giving up work a bit too early at 37 weeks (I've previously worked until 38/39 weeks) but decided to do it anyway and I'm so glad I did. Especially with the recent heatwave, it would have been unbearable in my stuffy office! It has been so nice to spend some extra time with the girls (especially Totsy as obviously Tinker is at school during the day) and also to have a bit of time to myself on a Monday while the girls still go to our childminder. 

  • We have a nursery! We weren't going to bother just yet as the baby will stay in our room for a few months, but Tinker was so desperate to have bunk beds after we mentioned it so we decided to move her and Totsy into the same bedroom earlier than planned, which left Totsy's old room for a nursery. We haven't decorated it as it was all done when we moved in less than two years ago and still looks nice so we mainly just rearranged the furniture but it is nice to have somewhere for all baby Twinkle's things to go and somewhere she can nap in the day (PLEASE let her be the sort of baby that naps in the day!!!) 

  • Escaping a hospital stay – if you are a regular reader of my pregnancy updates you will already know this, but it was discovered at my 36 week growth scan that baby Twinkle had an 'unstable lie' (she was basically just somersaulting and constantly changing position). I was booked in for another scan at 37 weeks and told that if she hadn't settled into a more suitable position then the high risk of cord prolapse meant I would be admitted to hospital until being induced after I reached 39 weeks! It was really stressful thinking I might have to spend at least a fortnight in hospital and I was really worried about how the girls would cope with it. I spent the week googling 'how to turn baby' and 'cord prolapse' and bouncing on my gym ball in an effort to get her into a better position and was just so relieved when at my 37 week scan she was head down – phew!! 

  • Reading – I am so pregnant and so huge that I have no choice but to take things slightly slower. Reading is probably the one single thing that really makes me relax and switch off and this week I have got through three whole books! I'm pretty sure once the baby arrives reading will be a luxury that I don't get time for so I'm making the most of it right now! 

Keep smiling xx

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