A week of smiles

A week of smiles (#12)

I'm really going to try to get back into the habit of posting weekly in this series, I can't promise it will always happen but I will try! Here are just some of the things making me smile this week:

  • Totsy's first trip to the cinema – we decided to take the girls to see Trolls which is showing on Cineworld's Movies for Juniors. As the tickets are at such a discount price (because they are not the latest releases) we thought we would risk taking Totsy and if she just refused to sit still or sit quietly one of us could just take her out. For some reason Tinker isn't a huge fan of movies, so the same applied to her too. Fortunately they were both brilliant and it was really nice to be able to go as a family (although when I asked Tinker if she wanted to go again, she just shrugged!! So I can't say she 100% enjoyed it!) 

  • A lazy weekend – for the last few months our weekends (and our weekdays!) have felt a bit hectic, so this weekend we deliberately planned absolutely nothing at all. As it turned out this was very well timed as on Friday afternoon I had a call from our childminder to say Totsy wasn't well and had a high temperature so could I collect her, so we had a poorly girl on our hands. After a broken night's sleep on Friday (which is absolutely unheard of for Totsy!) she thankfully woke up much better on Saturday, though still a bit under the weather, so a day relaxing on the sofa watching Finding Nemo and Finding Dory was just what we needed. Fortunately by Sunday she was back to normal so we went to the cinema (see above), made a visit to see how Grandad and Grandma T were doing then came home for a Sunday dinner of chicken casserole. Although sometimes doing nothing much at the weekend feels a bit like we've wasted our time off, every now and then it is exactly what is needed! 

  • Tinker's sleeping pattern – fortunately her 5am starts to the day seem to be over, she has gone to the other extreme and now quite often needs waking up in the morning! She is back to normal with her bedtime routine too and is falling asleep much quicker at night time. Her mood has been a whole lot sunnier as a result of getting more sleep, which means my mood has been sunnier too! 

  • Our childminder Hannah – we are really lucky to have a brilliant childminder, she has helped us out loads since Grandad T was taken ill, having the girls extra days (sometimes at very short notice) and the girls just adore her! They obviously love spending time with her (occasionally Tinker's dad picks her up from school on Mondays when she should be with Hannah and she gets very cross about it!) and both talk about her lots and what they've been doing there. Good childcare can be so hard to find, but we are very lucky to have always managed to find lovely childminders. 

  • Feeling the baby move – the last few days the baby has been moving about a bit more, it's just so lovely getting those first few little kicks. It's my 20 week scan next week, I am looking forward to it but feel a bit apprehensive too. It will be lovely if everything is ok and I will definitely start to feel a whole lot more relaxed!

  • Apple Tree Yard – We never seem to get much chance to watch TV but I have loved this BBC series recently, I like it when shows show you what's going to happen but then go to the start of the story so you are wondering all the way through how on earth it ends up like that! 

  • Last but not least Mr T – he has had a super stressful time at work recently but he never lets it show and is always still smiling when he walks in the door, jumps straight into playing with the kids or bathtime or whatever we are up to and never lets the stress get to him. We are very lucky to have him! 

Keep smiling x

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