You just never know what’s around the corner

Recently I am aware I have neglected this blog. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog, it’s just that life has got in the way. Christmas (which already seems like a lifetime ago!) was so busy, the week leading up to it was hectic, we had a few days away, then all the fun of Christmas Eve, followed by frenzied present opening on Christmas morning (although Totsy refused to open any presents until she had eaten breakfast, she does love her food!) then we had twelve people to feed for Christmas Day lunch before we all collapsed on the sofa too full to even eat pudding and then the evening was filled with board games and nonsense. We all had a great time and it was really lovely but it came to an abrupt end on Boxing Day evening when during our Boxing Day tea Mr T’s dad (Grandad T) was taken ill. 

I have previously mentioned the fact that he’s been unwell recently  but we weren’t sure what was wrong. This time it was clear it was serious, even more so than previous times, and eight very worrying and stressful days after he was taken into hospital we finally got the news that it was, after all, a stroke (despite the fact we had been told all along it wasn’t) and all his previous episodes were TIA’s (mini strokes). I don’t think it’s fair to go into details on here, but suffice to say he has been really very poorly, and though he is definitely on the road to recovery it isn’t a fast process. 

It sounds a bit silly, but I think this is the reason I have had a bit of writer’s block (though I am only just realising this now). It seemed ridiculous blogging about Christmas, our trip away or new year’s resolutions when in reality our family was reeling from what was going on.

We are a very close family and have settled into a routine where our family life now revolves around hospital visiting hours. Mr T’s mum (Grandma T) is of course at the hospital for every possible minute and Mr T has also visited almost every single day (only missing a visit when work commitments have got in the way). I’ve been holding the fort at home (as we have decided that it would be a bit too worrying for Tinker to visit just yet) while visiting as much as I can (which is pretty much limited to when Tinker is at her dad’s and Totsy has gone to bed early and is being babysat by one of her older siblings). We now have quite a strict routine which means we eat between 5.45pm and 6.15pm every night, and Grandma T joins us as we live really close to the hospital and there wouldn’t be time for her to go home then come back again in the break in visiting times. As much as we are worried about Grandad T, of course Grandma T is very much our concern too, and while she is coping amazing it’s obviously tough. So it is really nice that we can make sure she is looked after albeit for a short time every day, provide a bit of a break from the hospital ward and that she can spend some time with the girls who really look forward to seeing her and I know she is always happy to see them. 

I hope this doesn’t sound like I am moaning, because I am most definitely not. Of course we all wish so much that this hadn’t happened, but we are supporting each other and the future is positive for Grandad T. A full recovery is certainly the most likely outcome and it could have been so much worse. While the diagnosis of a stroke was not what we hoped for, at the same time we were all imagining other things that were potentially worse, so in many ways it was a relief, and definitely good to finally know what has been wrong all this time and that he can finally get some treatment. We are unsure how long he will be in hospital for but he is making great progress every day and so we will all continue to stay positive and take one day at a time. 

I know there are so many other families out there who are facing similar situations and many who are facing worse. I know how lucky we are to all be so close and be able to support each other as situations like this certainly take their toll.

It is a cliche, but you really don’t know what is just around the corner. Last new year of course we had no idea what the latter part of 2016 had in store. I haven’t made any proper new year’s resolutions but I will certainly continue to count my blessings, keep my loved ones close and appreciate what I have.

This has been quite a difficult post to write (which is why I have kept putting it off!) partly because it’s hard to put it down in words and partly because it’s really not my story to tell and I want to be respectful that other people might not want every detail of their lives broadcast on my blog. But this is our family, our lives right now and so it wouldn’t make sense to pretend it wasn’t happening. 

Hopefully normal blog business will now resume! 

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