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A week of smiles (#6)

I have been counting my blessings a lot as usual this week. In no particular order, here is what has been making me smile this week:

  • Sleep – At the risk of making every parent everywhere want to smack me in the face with a blunt object, Tinker and Totsy are both amazing sleepers (I'm touching wood furiously right now, obviously!) Totsy always has been totally amazing, and now at 20 months she happily goes into bed around half 6 / 7pm after a kiss and a cuddle and just goes straight to sleep without a murmur! She never wakes in the night (I know it's hard to believe but she honestly never does!) and gets up around 12 hours later. Because she is my sixth child, I realise this is truly amazing and I honestly count my blessings all the time that she is such a brilliant sleeper (Mr T however just thinks all kids sleep all night all the time as she is his first, he has no idea how lucky we are!) Tinker hated sleep when she was a baby, she was never settled and cried a lot, and it was not unusual to be up six times a night with her. Even as a toddler she would quite often wake in the night, and we had to work really hard on her bedtime routine to get her to be able to settle to sleep by herself. Now though, she happily skips up to bed around half past seven, has two bedtime stories then a drink of milk and after a kiss and a cuddle she goes to sleep within minutes by herself, and doesn't wake until around half six/seven. I remember bedtime as being quite stressful at times with the older ones and I know lots of families who struggle with it, so I do feel really lucky with the younger two that for now sleep is not an issue. I do realise of course, that as with everything else, all phases (whether they are good or bad) pass, so this may not last forever! I'm also not really taking the credit for it, I do think a good bedtime routine is so important but other than that I honestly don't think you can do much to encourage good sleep, it's just the luck of the draw!
  • Hannah, our childminder – as working parents everywhere know, finding good childcare is practically impossible and can be incredibly stressful. When our previous childminder decided to give up childminding in July (I can't be 100% sure, but I don't think it was my girls that influenced her decision!!) we were worried about finding someone new, but thank goodness we found Hannah, who hadn't been childminding for long but is absolutely great! The girls really love her, they do lots of great activities and clearly have a brilliant time, which makes leaving them much easier. When I received Freya's latest progress report on Monday it was clear that Hannah really has got to know our little girl and her capabilities and likes/dislikes and wasn't just writing a generic report. If I have to pay half my wages in childcare, then at least I'm lucky to have found someone who my girls are very happy with! 
  • Our home – at the weekend, our home is going to become a building site, as work will begin on our new kitchen! I am super excited for the finished result, but not looking forward to the process, so I am definitely making the most of the calm before the storm! This is my last week with an oven for a while, so please let me know if you have any fantastic microwave recipes!! 
  • My new car – I have had it just over a week now and I really love it! I am even starting to be able to park it (I am not great at parking at the best of times, but in my defence it is a Ford Galaxy, so it's quite big!) It is also a HUGE relief that it starts every time, and goes into gear no problem (unlike my old car!) 
  • The Missing – I am really enjoying the latest series of this BBC drama. We have caught up on it this week, and its so good, full of twists and turns, I love it! Can't wait to see what happens tonight!
  • Tinker – she really is such a good girl these days, and life with her is really chilled out. This has not always been the case, she was an unhappy baby and an especially strong willed toddler, and every single day could feel like battle after battle. Now, it's honestly ages since her last tantrum, and its lovely to be able to ask her to do something without feeling dread at the inevitable strop that was sure to happen. She's just really good company now, I absolutely love chatting with her and her funny little turns of phrase! She's very funny and makes me laugh a lot every single day.

Keep smiling! X

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