Healthy lifestyle

The chocolate ban is over!

Yesterday marked the end of my self inflicted chocolate and biscuits ban. I challenged myself to lose a few pounds, eat healthier and exercise a bit more in October and to be honest it was easier than I expected. 

The last week probably wasn’t quite as healthy as the first three weeks as we were on holiday so in order not to break Holiday Law (that’s a thing, right?) fish and chips, afternoon tea and lots of lattes were consumed. But I did go for a run whilst we were away so I’m pretty sure that cancels out all the bad stuff *looks slightly sheepish* As a result I am now 10 stone, a total loss for the month of five pounds. If I’m honest, I’m a little disappointed that I’m not under the 10 stone milestone, but I think I will keep up some of the good habits so hopefully I will get there before long. 

I still haven’t eaten a biscuit, and despite the fact that you would think I would have had a vat of chocolate ready for me to dive into I’ve only had a couple of treat size chocolates (definitely did not get them from the kids’ trick or treat haul, honest, ahem!) 

The main habit I wanted to stop is sitting and scoffing my own body weight in chocolate every night once the kids are asleep and I think I will definitely just save that for weekends now (because weekend calories don’t really count do they?) 

My eating habits are generally not bad, we eat healthy home cooked meals almost every day (with Mr Totsy’s speciality fish finger sandwiches or a supermarket pizza as a treat once a week) we very rarely have takeaways (about twice a year!) I do think treats are fine, but just not quite in the quantities I was consuming them! 

Exercise-wise I have tried to get back into the running routine, but I have to admit it’s hard. I will persevere though! And I am definitely making the effort to walk more. To be fair, I always do walk quite a lot as I really enjoy it but I have just increased this wherever possible.

I’m glad I did chocolate-free October as it showed me how easy it is to just not eat the stuff! Yes I had a few chocolate cravings but to be honest they lasted for a couple of minutes at most and I’ve found it’s not that hard to just ride it out. 

I think it’s been a really good way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, to curb bad habits and lose a few pounds and I will definitely keep it going – well, until Christmas, and then it’ll probably be back to square one, but life’s way too short not to indulge over the festive season! Chocolate free January anyone? 

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