Healthy lifestyle

The no-chocolate month

I gave up chocolate on the first of October, so as this is the 11th day completely chocolate-free (well, except for a piece of cake on Matty and Nathan’s birthday, but that doesn’t count, right? Because a) it was just cake, not actually a piece of chocolate and b) everyone knows birthday cake is calorie free anyway!) I thought it was time for an update. 

So far, so good. Well I haven’t eaten any chocolate. And I haven’t killed anyone. So it’s all good. 

The weird thing is I don’t even really miss it. I don’t even know why I usually eat so much of the stuff. It’s not even been that difficult if I’m honest. It’s not like I have replaced it with anything. Even though my normal routine is to collapse on the sofa after the bedtime routine and shove as much chocolate as possible into my mouth (and that’s a lot, let me tell you, I’ve got a big mouth) now I just collapse onto the sofa. And eat nothing. And I haven’t starved to death (to be fair I’m not exactly wasting away either, but I think my jeans might be just a tiny bit looser).

I have been eating a bit healthier generally, although a kale stir fry at the weekend did prove to be a step too far – I managed two mouthfuls before actually going to the bin and spitting out the third, and I HATE spitting out food but it was like chewing tree bark! I have given up biscuits as well as chocolate, so hopefully by the end of the month the scales will be showing a slightly more favourable number.

I would love to say that all this healthy eating and lack of sugar has me leaping out of bed in the morning with an extra spring in my step. The truth is I’m bloody knackered! Even more knackered than usual (and I’m the sort of person who could go to sleep on command at anytime). I don’t know if it’s the change in diet or if it’s the slight cold that we have all succumbed to this week but I have not yet felt the energy surge that I hoped for. In fact, I am falling asleep on the sofa even earlier than usual (waking up at 9pm and then pretending I know exactly what just happened on The Apprentice is not fooling Mr Totsy).

So, this week I’m going to try to start exercising. I love running when I get into it but I’m struggling to get going at the moment. And I’m going to try to up my fruit intake *updates tomorrow’s Tesco online order with more fruit*

Hopefully, the beauty of blogging about it is that I will feel obliged to actually do this as it is not just some random thought in my head, it’s here on my tiny tiny piece of internet in black and white. Now I will feel like a total quitter if I don’t actually go for a run at some point this week after downing a homemade fruit smoothie. 


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