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A week of smiles

I always try to be positive about things whenever possible even in the face of adversity (i.e. being a mum to six!) so in my blog I would like to have a regular happy round up so here is the very first one. 

In no particular order here are some things that have made me smile this week:

  • Blogging – I have thought about doing this for absolutely ages. I don’t know what stopped me, maybe fear that no one would read it, or maybe even worse, fear that someone would actually read it! But finally, I have an actual blog, and even though it’s early days and I honestly don’t have a clue what I’m doing I’m fine with that for now, I’ve finally made a start.
  • Going to see McFly with Milly. Basically I’m just thankful that my teenage daughter is happy to be seen out with me! You can read about McFly, my girl and me in a separate blog post (I know it’s actually only two blog posts before this one so a link might seem unnnecessary but seeing as I’m brand new to blogging and not very technical I just wanted to see if I could add a link – credit to my resident IT expert (aka Mr Totsy) for confirming I had done this right. Who knows, I might even work out link-ups one day!) 
  • Peppa Pig. Yes this is surprising as I’ve mentioned previously I am not exactly a fan. But Tinker and Totsy love it, so for five minutes peace I can deal with it. This week it was the whistling one. For some reason Peppa cutting off Suzy Sheep on the phone makes me actually laugh out loud (which is not to be confused with just typing lol with a totally straight face)
  • Peppa Pig again…sort of. Ok, so I never thought for one second that Peppa Pig would feature in a happy list once let alone twice (a What Has Bloody Irritated Me This Week list maybe) but on an episode this week Mummy Pig declared herself the luckiest mummy in the world. Tinker looked at me and said ‘she’s not the luckiest mummy in the world is she, you are’ which I wholeheartedly agree with, and I’m always telling her, so I’m just glad she is actually listening.
  • Totsy’s language skills. She is learning new words every day, and copies everything we say which is so cute in her gruff little voice. She reduced her Grandma to tears this week when she said ‘Grandma’ for the very first time. Slightly less emotional, but still an achievement she also said Paw Patrol *note to self, the girls probably watch way too much Nick Jr * Her particular favourite words this week are Harry (our greyhound) cheese, bath, wee, yeah, school, Nenna (Sienna – who also used to call herself Nenna) Daddy (she doesnt just limit this to her actual daddy which is fine until it’s the Tesco Delivery Man and then it all gets a bit awkward) yummy, yummy and NurNur (Nathan). Oh and Peppa Pig (obviously). Though there are loads more too, her language has just suddenly exploded, which is lovely.
  • Autumn – it’s a bit late to its own party (we have had coats and boots at the ready from 1st September, though had to reluctantly admit they were slightly unnecessary when temperatures hit the late twenties!) but it is finally arriving. I love all the changes in seasons, but this is my favourite. The colours, the roast dinners and casseroles, snuggling up under a blanket, the kids looking cute in coats and boots rather than layers of greasy sunblock, not having to slather my ridiculously pale skin in fake tan just to look normal (i.e. just pale rather than borderline see-through ghostly pale) looking forward to Christmas but not actually having to deal with it just yet and just the general fresh start shift in attitude that autumn brings.
  • Tinker and her funny little sayings. Even when one of them was ‘Bloody heck!’ Not sure where she got that one from (what? It wasn’t me *tries to look all innocent*) but it made me laugh a lot more than is appropriate when your 4 year old swears! (I was sniggering away while Mr Totsy managed to keep a straight face and told her that  it didn’t really make any sense)
  • Chocolate. Always chocolate.
  • And wine. Obviously.

Keep smiling!

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