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My very first blog post….hello! 

So, I have started a blog and here it begins! I'm Nikki by the way and I'm a mum of six (yep, six!) and I've decided to document the madness and mayhem that comes as standard with a big family (or The Circus as we affectionately call it). 

In case you are wondering what you can expect, then it will probably be filled with me rambling on about chaotic school runs, toddler tantrums, days out, what a great day we've had/what a terrible day we've had, funny things the kids have said, lots of mum fails and hopefully a few mum wins along the way, with probably a ridiculous overuse of exclamation marks and all accompanied by slightly blurry pictures of us from my iPhone. 

It might help if I introduce the whole circus, so I will start with the youngest two as they will probably feature the most and are also where this blog gets its name. We call them Tinker and Totsy but their real names are Sienna (aged 4) and Freya (aged 18 months). The older four kids are Amelia (known as Milly, aged 16) Matthew & Nathan (identical twins, aged 21) and Jessica (aged 24). Then there's me, Nikki and last but definitely not least is my other half Dave (also known as Mr Totsy) who is Freya's daddy (the oldest four's dad is my first husband, Sienna's dad is my second husband, so yeah we are officially a 'blended' family!) We all live together in Staffordshire (except Jess who has very sensibly escaped the chaos and moved in with her boyfriend). 

So if you are still reading, then thank you. And welcome to my blog. 

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