Goodbye nicknames

When I started writing this blog a year ago I decided that I would use the youngest girls’ nicknames, Tinker and Totsy, which were obviously where my blog got its name. I didn’t hide their real names (they were always on my About Us page) but I didn’t use them in posts or on social media. We used the nicknames a lot in real life and it felt quite natural to use them when writing.

However, fast forward a year and not only do we use the nicknames much less than we used to but we have also added baby Luna to our family who I don’t use a nickname for. When I was pregnant we nicknamed her Twinkle but since she has been born we only ever use her actual name (albeit quite often with an addition e.g. Luna Lou or Luna Lollipop!) and so I always use it when posting as it would be weird not to. It seems a bit strange that I refer to Luna by her real name and the other two by their nicknames so I have decided from now on I will start using their actual names instead. After all, naming them took many (sooooo many!) hours of serious deliberation before a decision was reached and I do really love their names.

Introducing Sienna (aka Tinker)…….

And Freya (aka Totsy)

As for Mr T, well he is just Dave

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